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Eago has been providing award-winning bathroom products and services to homeowners around the globe for over 10 years. They are a large scale manufacturer that specializes in making eco-friendly toilets, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks. Driven by a mission to protect the Earth’s natural resources, Eago believes that making a difference begins with making changes in the home. For new and improved bathroom fixtures that make going green look trendy, check out Eago’s exclusive line of ceramic sanitary ware.

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Eago Toilets

Eago Toilets are the standard of the new generation. They offer environmentally safe smart features that are designed to not only save water, but money as well. Toilets are a household necessity that endures daily repeated use. Each time it is used, over three gallons of water are flushed down to remove waste. In comparison, Eago Toilets only use a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush which is less than half of the amount standard models use. With a dual-flush model, homeowners are using even less with an estimate of 0.8 gallons of water per flush for liquid waste. Eago purposely manufactures their toilets to only feature either an ultra low-flush or dual-flush design to conserve water and protect the environment. This, in effect, also enables homeowners to save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually on their monthly water bill. Eago offers their toilets in a variety of styles including elongated, rounded, and wall-hung to grant every homeowner the opportunity to achieve a greener and greater home.

Eago Bathtubs

Why wait till summer to take a dip in the pool when you can bring the pool right into your own bathroom? Eago offers an extensive collection of whirlpool and common bathtubs furnished with state-of-the-art equipment for year-round fun. An Eago whirlpool bathtub can set the mood right for an evening of relaxation or celebration. Eago tailors their bathtubs to first meet the basic needs of every homeowner, but they also incorporate design-savvy technological features for additional luxury use. These advanced features vary from model to model but include hydro-massage jets, a built-in stereo, touch-screen control panel, thermostatic function, auto shutdown, and much more. The entire collection flaunts sleek, clean lines for a simple yet sophisticated style that only modern ceramic ware can convey. Eago produces their bathtubs in all sizes and configurations from two-person corner models to larger wall flushed models to meet every homeowner's needs.

Eago Bathroom Sinks

Eago Bathroom Sinks are leading the industry in innovation and beauty. They are the new go-to trend in contemporary bathroom design. Eago crafts their bathroom sinks from ceramic to provide customers with basins that offer enduring style and construction. Ceramic displays a glossy white exterior that not only shines in the light, but that also resists stains and rust for guaranteed long-term use. Furthermore, these bathroom sinks feature an above-the-counter mounting design which allows users and guests to have a three-dimensional view of the sink. Available in an array of sizes and shapes including round, oval, square, and rectangular, the Eago Bathroom Sinks collection offers one-of-a-kind designs that assert modern classic confidence.

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