How to Choose the Perfect Toilet

Traditional One Piece Round ToiletPurchasing bathroom toilets is an important decision. There are several aspects you should take into consideration including size, value, flush performance and style. Here are some tips to help you make your decision.


Be sure to measure the area where the toilet will be installed before you go shopping. Take measurements for the width, height and depth. Generally, a toilet's standard size is from 14 to 17 inches in height, however, taller models are available. Width is also an important consideration. If your bathroom is small, you can choose a narrow model toilet to fit perfectly in the space. Once you have decided the correct width, height, and depth of your toilet, you can move on to design.


There is a variety of toilet designs including a one-piece, two-piece and wall mounted. Typically, wall mounted toilets are used in commercial facilities such as office complexes, restaurants and schools. They are easier to maintain and clean but they are more expensive than floor mounted models. One and two piece toilet models are commonly found in most homes and prices start at $75 and up, depending on the model and manufacturer. Your selection of a bowl design includes round or elongated. Round bowls are less expensive than elongated bowls. Although elongated toilet bowls provide more seating area, they are not as comfortable as the round bowls. If you choose an elongated bowl, make sure the depth will fit in your space. If space is limited, choose a round toilet bowl to be sure you have plenty of room around the toilet.

Style and Features

Toilets today come in many styles with various features. Traditional, contemporary and period models are now available. You can choose from the traditional ceramic model or metal. The standard white color is no longer your only choice. Colors range from white, almond, beige, gray, black, or a custom color. Many manufacturers have added several new technological features over the years, such as heated seats, slow closing seats and lids, fragrance vents, built-in fans and sanitizing sprayers. The options seem unlimited. Toilet handle styles can be located on the side of the tank or built into the top of the tank.

Flush Performance

Just like the performance of the motor in your car, the flush performance of your new toilet should be a major consideration in your purchase. The quality of the flush is a matter of the toilet’s ability to remove bulk waste. A top performing toilet will have an outlet size that measures at least 2-3/8 inches and a flush valve that measures at least 4 inches.

There is gravity, vacuum and pressure assisted toilets when it comes to flushing abilities. Gravity models are the most common because they have low water pressure requirements and are quiet. Pressure models are the loud, powerful type found in most commercial facilities such as public restrooms, restaurants and schools. Vacuum assisted modes are more powerful than the gravity option, but are quieter than the pressure models. However, the cost is slightly higher for these types of toilets.

Most consumers today are concerned not only with flush performance but water conservation as well. New technology has allowed toilets to use less water and still maintain the same strength of the flush. While federal regulation limits toilets to no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “WaterSense” program gives a seal of approval to all models using no more than 1.28 gallons per flush.

Shopping for a new toilet can be an easy process if time, research and care are taken prior to making the purchase.

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